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"The New Educational Experience" — Where It Pays To Learn

Annually, billions of dollars are spent on education in the USA and multi-billions are spent world-wide―this does not ensure one's success in life! Denmark (This Country Is Literally Paying Students to Go to College) should be an example for U.S. policymakers as they grapple with how to address the rising cost of higher education. In the U.S., many students pay upwards of $60,000 per year for college. In Denmark, the government pays its students to attend college. According to a report in the Washington Post, under the StatensUddannelsesstøtte program, all Danes over the age of 18 are entitled to funding from the state for up to six years for post-secondary education.

Spending, of course, only tells part of the story and does not guarantee students' success, according to a CBS News report, titled, U.S. education spending tops global list, study shows.

Wealth Programs

1. Revenue Sharing Program(RSP)

TTI allows all participants to share in the wealth of its REVENUE. Therefore, when any participant purchases content in a PDF, video or e-Books format, TTI will pay 20% cash-back.

2. 5GRP (Affiliates Only)

5GRP is based on the referral program that many of the banking institutions and businesses use today that rewards customers when they referred their Family, Friends and Associates (FFA) to purchases goods and services from that business. An Affiliate can earn additional 24% when participating in TTI's 5G Referral Program. This is the "New Educational Experience" that TTI offers through its RSP and 5G Referral Programs that is designed to be an alternative to STUDENT LOANS and/or help payoff your current loans.

• Individual

Through TTI's wealth sharing programs an individual Affiliate can earn up to 44% of the total monthly network earnings.

• Non-Profit Organization

A member of a non-profit organization can enjoy educational content knowing that up to 24% of the total purchases of the organization's members will be contributed to the organization's cause. This promotes the organization and their cause(s). In addition, TTI will contribute 10% of its profit to selected charities and non-profit organizations.

• For Profit Organization

For-profit organizations will benefit from the cash-back (up to 24%) of the total revenue of your network total purchases.


Most major companies spend millions of dollars on advertisement annually, without a direct impact on their profits. Unfortunately, some of these same companies will only pay you $25 when you refer your network of FFA, although your referral has a direct impact on the company's profits.


When YOU refer 3 FFA (Friends, Family, Associates) to Company A and they pay you a very small referral fee of $25 per referral that amounts to $75.00, but the people that you referred are doing business with Company A each month. After 1, 2, or 3 years, you did not get any additional benefits or fees beyond the one-time referral fee. Now if your 3 FFA referred 3 FFA that is a total of 9 referrals. You do not get any fees for the other 9 referrals in your extended network. The exponential impact of 9 referrals to the 3rd power equals 729 people (The exponential impact of 9 referrals to the 3rd power equals 729 (9 times 9 = 81; Then 81 times 9 = 729; this is 93 ) that your network referred to Company A over time and you received only a very small fee $75.00 for the 3 people you personally referred. Company A paid out to your extended network $18,1225 (729 times $25.00 = $18,225)! Where is the wealth sharing principle in this scenario?

You shared your network, but Company A does not share the wealth. NOTE: For most companies, their cash-back programs payout less than 10% of their total advertisement budget!

The 5G Referral Program that TTI has on its educational platform is a wealth sharing program that will benefit you and your network of FFA.


3. The Bonus Program

In addition to, the RSP and 5G Referral Programs, TTI has implemented a Bonus Program that will provide you with additional opportunities to earn income, based on levels of achievement. This sets TTI apart from other competitors in the industry.

TTI rewards its participants based on one's achievement

There are six ways to "earn a bonus while you learn", in addition to developing the gift or talent that relates to your purpose:

  • Bonus paid on the number of Study Manuals Purchased and Completed.
    Affiliates and Subscribers will receive 20% cash-back on every Study Manual purchased through TTI's "Earn As You Learn" programs! Taking learning serious―is revealed in your good study habits; therefore, TTI will reward you a bonus for your discipline and determination.

  • Bonus paid on Curriculum Completed.
    When you are showing a strong desire to learn what is your purpose in life through your God-given gifts, talents and skills—the evidence is revealed in the number of curriculum you have completed during the time you are engaged in "The New Educational Experience." Therefore, TTI will reward you for your determination to find your God-given purpose by paying you a bonus for your commitment.

  • Bonus paid based on your personal referrals.
    TTI recognizes the daunting task it faces in the marketplace to bring back the "Rewards in Learning." Therefore, you will receive a bonus when you accomplish a certain level of achievement by referring your friends, family and associates (FFA) to TTI's Educational Platform.

  • Bonus paid on the number of people you personally sponsored.
    TTI pays an additional bonus for the number of people you personally sponsored into your network. Clearly you understand the principle of "netWORDing" and giving the opportunity to others who have the desire to do the same. You are now using your ACTical* knowledge in the marketplace.

  • Bonus paid on the size of your network.
    TTI wants to reward you for your efforts which is demonstrated by the number of people in your network. Therefore, you will be paid a bonus based on the size of your network.

  • Quarterly Bonus paid when you become a Teacher, Coach or Instructor.
    When you achieve a level of comprehension and mastery of the four categories, which is, Practical knowledge, Spiritual knowledge, Actical knowledge and Discoverativity on TTI's Educational Platform; you have shared your experience by teaching and coaching others. Therefore, TTI will pay a bonus for your commitment.

TTI is committed to delivering results by providing an educational experience unmatched in the industry while earning an income to defray the cost of education. Become an Affiliate and take advantage of the many benefits provided within the TTI's Educational Experience.

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